November 9, 2015



IMPACT Index Survey- for Entrepreneurship Centers

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete depending on the programs and services offered at your center.  The survey questions focus on performance metrics and activities, including those utilized to attract investors or future client companies.



IMPACT Index Entrepreneurs' survey

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  Ideal respondents are individuals or companies that are currently participating or have participated in the past in an entrepreneurship center program.  The survey focuses on founder experience and company growth to develop an understanding of the client/entrepreneur perspective of how entrepreneurship centers influence company and entrepreneur growth and success.  The client survey data will enable InBIA to compare the client and center experiences.  This critical feedback can be used to strengthen entrepreneurship center programs and services as well as achieve large-scale goals, including promoting local job growth  and securing future investors for your company’s expansion.

As a valued member or client company of an entrepreneurship center in your community, we would like to invite you to participate in a survey about the impact of the program in which you participated or are currently participating. The IMPACT Index focuses on establishing best practices for incubators, accelerators, SuperHubs, and entrepreneurship centers across the United States.

Completing the IMPACT survey will aid us in identifying important trends and models that can enable entrepreneurial ecosystems. Survey responses will be utilized to create a database that generates tracking of performance metrics across comparable programs.

Highlight Performance

Comparatively benchmark your center’s performance across a broad range of program models, performance metrics and demographics.

Improve Reporting

Develop custom performance reports for your investors and stakeholders based on a robust national dataset.

Enhance Marketing

Incorporate validated impact data in your marketing campaigns and proposals.

Identify Industry Trends

Discover new models and trends in entrepreneurial ecosystems.

About the IMPACT Index Survey

You can contribute to the IMPACT Index dataset by providing economic performance metrics for your entrepreneurship center or program that you have attended/are attending. You will then have the opportunity to access this dataset, allowing you to create personalized benchmark reports highlighting the strengths of your program. For those who complete the client company survey, you will be able to compare the services your business received to those received by other entrepreneurs within and outside of your ecosystem.

The IMPACT Index will also be a resource for community leaders to identify high-impact programs as well as entrepreneurial demographics and economic trends that are unique to their regions. By providing feedback on the program(s) your company has attended, you are helping federal funders establish best practices and ensuring future growth in the entrepreneurship community.

*All personal identifiers will be kept confidential. The data-set will be made available through a public database.

Client Companies will have the opportunity to:

  • Highlight your company’s success
  • Contribute to the small business community
  • Improve on program development for future entrepreneurs
  • Obtain funding for business expansion

Because the IMPACT Index is a third-party validation resource, entrepreneurship centers will have the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the entrepreneurial community
  • Improve program development
  • Establish best practices
  • Provide metrics for marketing your program
  • Obtain funding and sponsorships
  • Highlight your economic impact on the community

Instructions & Guide

IMPACT Index Survey for Entrepreneurship Centers

Please download survey below for more information on the metrics of Entrepreneurship Centers programs.

Client survey guide FY 17

Please download and follow the instructions when taking the IMPACT Index Client Survey to ensure accurate and valid data is entered.

Program Specific Support

Need help completing the survey?

Choose the support document that most closely matches your organization for tips on document collection and which sections of the survey are relevant to your program.

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